Pay Attention

I decided this morning on my way to work that I would share a story that not many know.

When I was growing up there were many times that I seriously considered ending my life because I was different, or because I felt unloved, or perhaps because I didn’t know what was coming next.  The scariest of them all actually didn’t happen that long ago….

Because of a broken heart I found myself walking around the city not knowing what to do next.  I started thinking of everything that was wrong in my life and felt it out-weighed everything that was good.  I remember calling my mom and crying for over an hour.  She helped me calm down some but I couldn’t shake that feeling of total dispair.

Now at this same time there was another person sitting in their house across town wondering why she was at home on a Friday night doing nothing.  As she glanced at facebook she noticed a message that was clearly a cry for help.  Pollo Del Mar immediately began texting, calling, emailing – everything she could to get my attention.  Every message was the same…….”Where do you live?  I am coming to pick you up!”

Pollo came to my house and picked me up.  We drove for a while, sat and talked even went and had Denny’s.  Although I had known Pollo for quite some time at this point her and I had never sat and talked to the extent that we did that night.

Now granted, I was not a teen at this time, but the feeling of “no way out” was real and IS real for so many people!  I urge everyone to PAY ATTENTION!!!  If it weren’t for my mom and the amazing Pollo del Mar I would not be here today to share this story.  AND trust me I have had such an amazing life – who would want to give it up!!

Pay attention to those around you – sometimes it is the smallest thing they are doing as a cry for help.  Pollo saw mine and helped sooo much…….

Love each other, hold each other and never forget that life is what you make it!  You are LOVED by someone – and it only takes one!!!

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  1. tasithoughts Said:

    Words of wisdom and so heartfelt. Thank you.

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