Guess What!?!


You know how you sit in your room afraid someone will find out that you are “different”? – Guess what – They do find out and you will be ok!

You know how you play make believe every afternoon alone in your room with your stuffed animals? – Guess what – When you are older you will play make believe for hundreds of people and they will chant your name!

You know how sometimes you hear people calling you names at school? – Guess what – One day you will use that as motivation to help someone in need!

You remember how people reach out and help you when you need something? Guess what – Soon you will do that for others by raising money for charities that help others!

You know hoe you are scared that no one will love you the way you are? Guess what – They will, and already do!  Be yourself and the love will overwhelm you!

You know how your mom always tells you she loves you unconditionally?  Guess what – She is telling the truth!  You will go through a rough spot, but she LOVES you!

You know how you wonder if it will ever get better? – Guess what – IT DOES GET BETTER!


  1. Tasithoughts Said:

    Perfect!! Great words of encouragement

  2. Verna M. Smith Said:

    Thank you!

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