The beautiful Victoria Glass

Most parents don’t get to pick their children….in the drag world you do and I picked one hell of a daughter!!!  On a day when my real mother goes in to surgery to take care of a potentially cancerous problem I began reflecting and thinking how lucky I am.  I am lucky to have my real family behind me (as you may have read in other posts), but I am also very lucky to have my chosen family – the Haus of Coxxx…….at the forefront of that group is my daughter Victoria Glass

Who would have known when I was sitting at a bar inviting the bartender to my show one January Saturday that I would end up having such a great friend and drag daughter.  After coming to my show that night the spark was lit in her eyes again, since she had done drag before, and she surprised me a week later by showing up to my show again – but this time IN DRAG!!

Since then she has grown as a performer and, I believe, as a person!  We perform together every chance we get but she has carved her own name for herself in the community as well – – – and I couldn’t be prouder…….She loves performing, just like me, and would do ANYTHING to help a friend out.  Another thing that I love about her is that she believes that there is always something to learn and is open to criticism and pointers from everyone……More performers should be like her.  A Big heart!  and an AMAZING talent!

This last weekend she entered the Miss San Francisco Gold Rush pageant and showed those girls what a Coxxx girl can do….her gowns were amazing, her talent fierce and her heart shone through!!!!  In the end she didn’t win but she did win Miss Congeniality!!!!  She was the crowd favorite!!!  I am proud!

So to wrap this up I just want to say I love her!  She shows me every day what it means to be family, to be there for each other, to have a friend!  I hope each of you have someone in your life as special as Miss Victoria Glass!!!!


  1. Slim Coxxx Said:

    We love you Sis!!! Congratulations on being Miss Congeniality!!!

  2. tasithoughts Said:

    I agree completely, my sista is one of a kind with a big heart and loads of talent.

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