You know that feeling when you were a kid……..when  you put your arms out and spin as fast as you can until you fall down??  That feeling has been compared to the feeling of falling in love, to feeling hurt or in most cases just plain being dizzy.  I call that feeling – – – –  my life!

Being a performer and trying to have a life of some normalcy can have its challenges.  Like writing this blog for instance.  When I started writing in it I thought I would write something interesting every day or at least every couple days….well then life caught up with me.  So many things have happened since the world of blogging has seen me — the Haus of Coxxx has grown, I have performed a million times, I have gained new friends (lost some too), Haus members have competed and won a few titles, and sooo much more.  To most people reading this it probably seems like I am insane for doing so much, and at times I must agree, however I find it very fruitful.

So – I don’t want to babble here forever this foggy San Francisco morning……but I will say that I will try to be better about blogging.  Sometimes I have some pretty interesting thought come in to this crazy brain of mine and I will feel the need to share it…….so…..until then – Have a fantastic day and remember…..no one has control of your destiny – but you!


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