Loyalty and Royalty

Ana Mae Coxxx's Command Performance

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind!  I performed for one of my dear friend’s birthday on Thursday night and enjoyed a night with Haus members.  Friday night I spent with Cowboys and Cowgirls in support of the Gay Rodeo……and then it all came to a crazy wild day yesterday!

Last night I had the honor of performing a command performance for their Imperial Majesties Renita Valdez and Stephen Dorsey at the 2010 investiture.  Imperial events are always a very interesting time.  Some of the people that attend these functions have been on the scene for over 40 years…..you really get to see what it will be like if you stay involved your entire life!  What an inspiration!  Besides my performance I was thrilled to see 4 of my haus members be added to the Court for the year – and they even named me the “Madam of the Haus of Coxxx” in their court!

After my performance I ran off to my weekly show at Marlena’s.  It was last night while getting ready for an energetic performance of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary that I was flooded with emotion.  The Haus is very loyal to me in an ways – however two people in my world stand above and beyond the call of duty.

Alan and Moses

Alan, my best friend, and his partner, Moses have been there with me from the beginning!  They are at nearly every performance, event and fundraiser – right by my side making sure that I don’t need anything.  They zip me in to clothes, they carry my bags, fix my hair…..literally anything I need…..but most of all – they are very LOYAL friends!  They have now found themselves wrapped in a world of drag queens, crowns and events……I love them!

I wish everyone could have people in their lives like these two!  I am lucky that I have a “family” that is there for me whenever I need them.  I hope YOU have people in your life that act the same for you!

Always remember – be there for eachother – you never know when someone needs you most!

Also thank you to Chris, Alotta, JP, Anya, Emma and Gary for being there with me last night – it meant the world to me!

Also thank you to Chris, Alotta, JP, Anya, Emma and Gary for being there with me last night – it meant the world to me

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